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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rental price include set-up and delivery?

If you are in the Brooksville/ Spring Hill area, yes. Customers outside of this area will have to call for exact pricing.

How long do we have the rental for?

A full day is from a set-up time in the morning (8am-12pm) to a pick up time in the evening (3pm-9pm). In some cases you can opt for an overnight rental if this benefits both parties.

What are the rules of the inflatables?

1) Only Jump with empty pockets
2) No silly string
3) No sticks/pointy or sharp objects
4) No belts
2) No shoes
1) No roughhousing

*All rules are presented at time of rental.

What if I cancel?

No refund on deposit. 50% of unit cost will be charged if you cancel within 48 hours of scheduled delivery.


Once a contract for service is signed NO REFUNDS allowed under any circumstance.

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