The Volcano

It’s the biggest slide Lil Ants has ever rented! At a massive 24ft tall and 65ft long 27ft in width you and the kids will have fun all day with this one! It has 2 lanes for double
The fun! It’s $480 a day wet or $250 a day dry with no slip and slide. The weight limit is 250 pounds per individual.

Tropical Water Slide

Our new Tropical water slide with pool is 15ft of pure fun and is suitable for all ages above 3! $200 wet per day

Coral Bay Splash Slide

$250 WET or $170 DRY per day Stands an impressive 20ft tall 18ft wide and 45ft in length! Keep cool at your summer time party by renting it wet or rent it dry for cooler occasions. This Slide can handle ages 5-99. The maximum weight limit per rider is 220 pounds.

The Tropical Oasis

The Tropical Oasis is a great time for all ages. It measures 20ft tall 32ft long and 20ft wide. This slide rents for $285 wet or $225 dry per day. The weight 
Limit is 220 pounds per individual.

Biggest, Baddest Waterslide

$325 per day. Curve Action double lane water slide. It measures 22 ft tall 25ft wide and 40ft long. This slide is not only super safe with features like a padded pool and stairs with hand rails, but also super fun! Guaranteed to have EVERYONE screaming with joy. This slide is suited for kids 5-101. The weight limit on this slide is 225 pounds.

Tidal Splash Slide 

This HUGE double lane slide rents for $400 or $220 dry with no slip and slide or pool. It measures 20ft tall and 55ft long